Gray Matter provides telehealth therapeutic counselling to support people who want or need discrete services or to be in familiar surroundings when discussing personal issues during the therapeutic process. 

Telehealth sessions are just like face to face sessions and differ only in the fact that they take place online.

TELEHEALTH is suitable for

  • People who live in rural and remote locations
  • People with limited time
  • People who want a high level of confidentiality and privacy

Provided via Zoom

All telehealth sessions are provided via Zoom

Zoom end-to-end (E2E) chat encryption allows for a secured communication where only the intended recipient can read the secured message.  Zoom use public and private key to encrypt the chat session with Advance Encryption Standard (AES256).  Session keys are generated with device unique hardware ID to avoid data being read from other devices. This ensures that the session can not be eavesdropped or tampered with.

The software is free to download and to use, and provides high quality voice and video connection over your computer. 

You will need a computer, tablet device or mobile with a camera and reliable high speed internet connection.

Allow yourself 15 – 30 minutes before your appointment, to complete the following steps:

  1. Sign-up, download and install the Zoom software
  2. Watch the 48 second video Joining & Configuring Audio/Video
  3. Test your audio and video using the steps outlined in the video
  4. To begin your session, use the link provided by Gray Matter
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